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Uma vila mesoamericana o invoca como divindade
r buildings where you can pick up resources and improve villagers' livelihoods. It goes without saying that your people are your greatest resource. Attend to their needs, respond to their prayers, provide them the right jobs, equip them with proper weapons and armor etc—oh—and sacrifice a few from time to time. As you attract more and more followers to reside in your village, it'll grow in size. But more importantly, thanks to your loyal worshippers' sacrifices, you earn the boasting rights of having unlocked new technologies, buildings and activities. Plus you send expeditions deep into the jungle to discover its secrets. Sacrifices is an outstanding RTS. It depth lies under the surface of a seemingly trite genre. Don't be fooled. Excellent visuals, quality production value and strategic gameplay align in this title; and are well beyond your standard Android RTS.
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